A few weeks ago, a friend and I decided to meet up to catch up and discuss a common interest (photography & blogging).  I suggested we try this fairly new spot that's all the rage called Upbeet to meet at.  I'd heard the food was awesome and healthy, and that the decor was an "Instagrammer's wet dream". 

All I can say is... "they" were right.

So, Upbeet is a restaurant that offers fresh food bowls, salad or grain based with fresh, organic ingredients.  They also offer fresh pressed juices, kombucha, smoothies and other healthy beverages.  They will also be offering beer and wine real soon.

I was really impressed with Upbeet.  The decor is so clean and fresh.  The stark white walls with the wood accents gets a photo enthusiast like myself very excited.  The food was absolutely delicious as well.  I ordered the Aloha bowl and it was fantastic.  I was saying to my friend that it's astonishing that such simple and fresh ingredients could taste so good!  I also had the charcoal lemonade (lemonade infused with activated charcoal).  It was decent.  Just tastes like regular lemonade, but hey it's black lemonade--so, I just felt cool drinking it.

I definitely plan to go back and bring the hubs.  I think it would be something he would enjoy as well.  If you live in ATL or are in the area, I would recommend giving Upbeet a try!

1071 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30318