So, I've finally given the infamous Curlformers a try.  And by "Curlformers", I mean a generic brand bought off of Amazon for a third of the price.

Curlformers NikGLifeAndStyle

There are a plethora of tutorial videos on how to use Curlformers for us natural haired chicas, so I'm going to just skip that part and just give my review of them.  The pack that I'd ordered from Amazon came with 40 Curlformers and the wand.  I used ALL 40.  After the fact, I realize that I would prefer to not to have to worry about separating the curls so much by hand (which is a chore if you're doing it correctly), and ordered another pack.  So the next time I use these, I will probably use about 60.


Curlformers NikGLifeAndStyle

I was blown away with how silky straight (in the curl) my hair came out.  Just for the record, I didn't use these on wet, freshly (co)washed hair.  My hair was already stretched from air drying in a bun.  I then re-wet each little section prior to putting the Curlformer in.  I did this purposely because I figured it would prevent the curl from being too tight of a curl, than if I would have started out with soaking wet hair.

As you can see, I had perfect "Shirley Temple" curls, but I wasn't really feeling that look--I felt like I'd need to play with it a bit more, and at the time I was getting ready to leave my house, shortly.  So I pulled the curls back into one big Bantu knot, hoping to stretch and messy up the curls a bit.

Curlformers NikGLifeAndStyle

Above is the result.  It was actually really cute like this.  At the very last minute before I left the house, I decided to pin the sides back.  I really liked the look.

Curlformers NikGLifeAndStyle
Curlformers NikGLifeAndStyle

Curlformers NikGLifeAndStyle

All in all, I will say that "Curlformers" are winners for me.  I will be using them regularly.  I don't plan to use them only to wear my hair curly.  They definitely give a good "foundation" for other styles.  I feel like these give me perfectly "stretched" hair that I can style a lot easier, especially in protective, pin-up styles which will contribute to my hair's health

I bought my mine HERE.  (Make sure you buy them with PRIME shipping, so that you know that they are coming from Amazon and not from China, as they could take weeks to arrive if the latter happens).

So have you tried Curlformers?  What did you think?

Natural Updo

naturalhair natural hair braidout updo

Real quick...I tried out a new hairstyle this past weekend.  I found the style on Pinterest and it looked easy enough, so I gave it a go!  I started mine out with an old braidout.  I really liked the look, and this now has me wanting to explore other styles.  This is definitely a way to get another day or two out of an old braid/twistout!

Photo via Pinterest

Happy Monday!


Hair Babble: A little update

#naturalhair natural hair #teamnatural

Just thought I'd give you guys the latest on my hair.  Well, a couple weeks ago, I cut a few inches off of it (again).  With all of the heat and humidity--I couldn't take my hair "touching" me!  So when curly, it is well above my shoulders.  When straight, it's back to armpit-length.  I like how I can go from having "short" hair to "long" hair at a moment's notice.  Although, I haven't worn it straight yet, and I don't intend to any time soon.

Also, with this latest trim, the layers are gone, so it's in a cute "bob" style and I love it.

#naturalhair #twostrandtwists two strand twists

I've also been wearing two-strand twists here and there more often.  It's just so easy, and I've been figuring out little styles that make them more cute and wearable.  By the way, these only take me about an 1.5 hours to do.  I DO NOT do the "mini-twists" that some do that take like a whole day to put in.  Ain't nobody got time fo' dat! (More power to those who do!)

#naturalhair natural hair #teamnatural #twostrandtwists two strand twists

So that is what the hair is doing at the moment.

Enjoy your Thursday!


Taking it back to the old school

I've been wearing wash-n-go's consistently lately.  Basically alternating between that and buns.  Oh, have I mentioned that I've decided to grow my hair back out?  Indeed, I am.  I'm missing those inches I chopped off and have decided to grow it back out to mid-back-length or maybe even waist-length.  I'm really missing the inches because of my new found love of the wash-n-go, and I wouldn't mind it hanging a bit longer.  Shrinkage is real, ya'll! So I've decided that I would start bunning my hair again consistently and just give it a rest for stretches at a time.  My plan is to bun during the week, and then wash-n-go on the weekends.  Of course, if something comes up and I need to "get cute" during the week, I will bust out the wash-n-go then as well.

I've been able to get 3 days out of one wash-n-go by preserving it the same way I preserve my braidouts/twistouts---putting in about 5-6 large twists at night.  This also stretches it, which makes 2nd day hair my FAVORITE.  I could probably get even more days out of a wash-n-go, but I think 3 days is more than enough.  I've also been pulling my hair into an old, tried-and-true puff.  I haven't really worn puffs in YEARS.  It's kind of nice to take it all back to things I did when I first started out in my hair journey.  Hopefully, I can stick to this new and simple regimen.  Wish me luck!

Curls baby...

Hey ya'lls!  I haven't posted in a while, and so I decided to conjure up something to post about.  The quickest easiest posts to posts!


I've been wearing wash-n-go's a lot lately.  This is a big deal because I'm someone who hardly EVER wears them.  Well, lo and behold, I stumbled upon this natural hair vlogger and tried out her method of wash-n-go.  This method works!  It just works!!  I don't know why all of this time I haven't tried to apply product in sections.  I've always been under the impression that it's better not to disturb the curls once out of the shower as it can hinder the "clumping".  Well it doesn't, and because every single hair actually gets some product on it--the clumping snaps right back!  

I suggest you check out this wash-n-go method video and give it a try.  For the record, the products I used were: 1) My oil blend (coconut, almond, olive, castor), 2) Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, and last 3) Fantasia IC Gel, in that order with each section.  I didn't use as many sections as she did in the video.  I say experiment and do what works for you.

By the way, while trying to take pics of my hair, my youngest insisted that I pick him up so he could take pics too.  Who am I to deny him?  

Have a great weekend!

P.S.  Please disregard the mess in the background--when I get inspired to take pics, I just have to go with it. :)

It's Spring!

Since I don't have any spring-like pictures to post, I just thought I'd show you guys a glimpse of my straight hair with the new color.

Yep, I finally flat ironed my hair.  I just needed a quick change, I guess.  I plan to do an outfit post soon, so you will get a better view.  Stay tuned!

Hope you've enjoyed this beautiful spring day!

P.S.  I'm not going to do a "Google Reader is leaving" post--I think others have covered that.  So just...

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Hair Babble

Let's talk hair, shall we?  Just wanted to update you all on the relationship I'm having with my hair these days.  If you've noticed, in the last several posts on this here blog, my hair has been curly.  I haven't straightened my hair at all this year.  One of my resolutions for 2013 was to not straighten my hair nearly as much as I did last year.  I realize that I was straightening my hair because I was getting exasperated with it in it's natural state, and I still wasn't loving it straight!  I felt when I wore my hair in a braidout, twistout, or wash-n-go that it was just sort of there.  Because my hair was a blunt cut, it made my hair look outstanding straight--however, it was just boring when curly.  So I decided that I would do whatever I needed to do to love my curly look again, because it is actually my favorite way to wear my hair.  For quite some time, I had been resisting changing the cut/shape of my hair for fear of how it would look when straightened, but straight was how I actually wear my hair the least.  It just didn't make sense to let that keep being a factor into how I styled my hair.

So the first change I made was to lighten my hair up some.  I'd been wearing black hair for a while, but I actually think curly hair looks better lighter (or highlighted).  Black hair tends to look like one big mass, whereas if the hair is lighter or has highlights, you can see some of the curl pattern and it gives the whole look more definition.  Second, I slightly layered my hair--nothing dramatic at all, but it makes a difference in the look.  Finally, I just recently cut "bangs" again.  I put bangs in quotes because if straightened they are below my chin, but while curly it makes my hair frame my face really nicely.

So now I'm back to feeling like me again.  The pics above are before I added the bangs, but I will be posting an outfit post shortly that shows them.  They are still fairly long while curly too, so maybe I shouldn't call them bangs, and instead call them face-framing-layers.  Tomato, tom-ah-to.  Either way, I'm a lot happier.

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And just that fast...

...the curls are back.

This is actually my hair airdried to about 80% in one braid, and then taken down to airdry the rest of the way.  Only products used were coconut oil, and Fantasia IC gel (clear) for slicking the bun down.  Who says you have to use a million and one products to get a great look? 

Though, I will admit, if I knew I would eventually take it down to wear out, I would have used maybe one more product to get a bit more clumping.  A cream based product like one of Shea Moisture's hair lotions, etc.  Nevertheless, it was just fine like this!

Have a great one!

Killer hair

Well, not really the hair, that's killer.  Currently in love with these studded hair combs I picked up at Forever 21.  They were only $2.80 a piece.  I'm sure this could be a pretty simple DIY as well.  Go get your "bad ass" on!
 P.S.  They are no longer available online. You must get them in store! :(

Hair Babble: Update!

So for the past few months, I've been slowly taking inches off of my hair.  I've been pretty unhappy with my hair (a) because the detangling was just getting too hard to manage, (b) whenever I wore curly styles I just felt like it was too much hair and hated that I could feel it "touching" me, and (c) when straight it just felt pretty boring.

Welllll, I eventually made one last trim and am now (what the hair boards call) APL (arm-pit length).  I am so happy!  I feel like I have new hair!  It looks thicker, has lots of body when straight--and curly it's right above my shoulders and is no longer touching me!  Detangling is snap too.  It's amazing the difference 4-5 inches can make.  Oh, and when I put my hair in a ponytail--my puff looks a little more like a real "puff".  So for now, I am happy. :)

This is the length straight--shortly after I'd cut it.  For reference, my hair use to cover the boobies.

This shows the length curly:

I'm happy about the curly "bob" look!  Who knows, maybe I'll let it grow back as the weather gets cooler in the Fall, for now I'm sticking with this!  Anyway, have a great week!

Best Wash-n-Go EVER

Lets talk hair.  Shall we?

After my trip to Negril, I flat ironed my hair and proceeded to trim about 2 inches off of it.  Which is why you see my hair is straight in the Memorial Day weekend photos.  I just felt like my hair took a bit of abuse while on vacay, and just felt like my hair could use a little "refresher".  While on vacay, I ended up wearing a lot of wash-n-gos which was even surprising to me. One, being that I'm not really a fan of wash-n-gos on myself because of the tangled hair, but also because I usually don't really like the way my hair looks, and two, as much as I love the beach and hanging out by the pool, I don't usually get my hair wet.  I don't not get my hair wet for my hair's sake.  I'm just not really the type to be in the water all swimming and ish--I tend to get in and just chill, wading with my drink in hand. haha  So I figured I'd pretty much wear a braidout the whole time.  Well, surprise surprise, I did end up swimming and ish, playing pool volleyball, etc.  So I said eff it and wash-and-went the whole time.  This caused me after I returned home to maybe rethink my wash-n-go stance.  Maybe, just maybe, it is possible to get my wash-n-gos to look the way that I'd like....which is more defined.  I feel like in the past, for the most part it starts out looking defined, but ends up in a frizzy mess by midday.

Well ya'll, there is a new sheriff in town.  And by sheriff, I mean a new combo of products, and I now believe I have established the wash-n-go of CHAMPIONS.  This just might end up being my go-to style for the summer. (Don't hold me to that.  Matter of fact, I'm sure you've learned not to hold me to anything when it comes to my hair.)

Pics with the shades are the first day. Brown dress is second day hair.

Products used:

-TRESemme Naturals Radiant Volume Conditioner (it's silicon-free, and shout out to Sophia of Kiffe Coco of whom I bought this after she mentioned it on her blog)
-Coconut Oil
-Flaxseed Gel (Yep, I made some myself.  Thought I'd see what all the hype was about.  I think the hype may be warranted.  Not totally sure though if my definition was mostly from the conditioner or this.) Tutorial on how to make your own found HERE.

What I did:

I co-washed my hair in the shower with a random cheapo conditioner, rinsed it out and then applied the TRESemme conditioner to my hair and pinned it up with a clip as I showered.  Before I got out of the shower. I let down my hair and wrung my hair out  REALLY well to get out excess water and conditioner. I DID NOT rinse the TRESemme out.  I then clipped my hair back up so that I could rinse the conditioner I'd squeezed out off of my body and then got out of the shower.  I immediately applied coconut oil throughout my hair and last applied my homemade flaxseed gel throughout my hair.  Because my hair was still dripping wet, I pulled it back into one big twist, clipped it up and wrapped it in a towel for about 15 minutes.  After removing the towel, I'd let it air dry to about 75% dry and then I diffused it the rest of the way.

All I can tell you is that this is one of the most defined wash-n-gos that I've ever had.  I don't even think the pictures are doing it that much justice.  I know many naturals use regular conditioner as a styler, but I've always been somewhat reluctant to do it.  I've tried it a few times, but not with results like this.  I even pulled my hair up into a ponytail at one point and then let back down a while later and it fell right back into place--curls still defined!  I ended up wearing the initial wash-n-go for 3 DAYS and it could have gone longer if I wore a puff.  I'm sold!

Just thought I'd share!

+Hair Babble+..."Beach Waves"

How about a little hair talk?  Up for that?

Well, last week when my hair was still straight, I decided to try to give my flat ironed hair some "beach waves" via bantu knots.  Because my flat ironed hair is VERY resistant to any type of curl--it was necessary to spritz each section with a little water before putting in the knot.  Don't worry, one squirt isn't enough to revert my hair as it doesn't really penetrate my hair shaft before it evaporates.  Anyway, each section I applied coconut oil and then gave a squirt down the length of it and then proceeded to put in the knot.  This is what I ended up with.  It was 5 knots:

After leaving them in for about half a day, this is what I ended up with.

I didn't get a full head shot, as the waves weren't as uniform as I'd wanted.  That's something I will have to work on--making sure all of the knots are the same size with the same amount of tension.

I decided to pin my hair to one-side and wore it out to a reggae party with one of my gal pals.

By this time the waves had fallen some, but you get the idea.  Next time, I will use some kind of "hold"-ing product as well.

Also, may I mention that Sean Paul was there, and he's not that short!  I assume all celebrities are tiny....because well, they usually are.  Though, that mohawk gave him a couple extra inches.   haha

Have a spectacular weekend!!

Still straight

Well, the hair is still straight.  It's been this way for a little over a week.  I'm trying to take it to at least a full 2 weeks.  This is really hard for me as I hate the feeling of "old" straight hair.  For me, after about 5 days, it has lost it's "swang" and just feels different, and I am usually over it by then.  But, for my hair's sake--if I'm going to put 400 degree heat on it, I think it's only fair to take it to the limit.  Plus, I have to admit, it is easier this way.  I do see why after hitting a certain length, some tend to prefer wearing their hair blown out/flat ironed, etc.  Not to mention, my shower drain is thanking me.

Anyway, today I'm wearing my hair like this.  I have been working out still, so my roots are a little "fluffy".  This bun hides that fact well.  I plan on doing a bantu knot out on it in the next day or so.  I will definitely do a post on that, and maybe even a video.

Oh, and as you can see my hair is a dark brown-red color.  In some pics it looks black, but it's far from it.  I'm actually contemplating going jet black the next time I wash my hair.  Ready for a change.  What do you think?

Holla back!

Straight...No Chaser

So, I flat ironed my hair the other day because I felt like I probably needed a trim.  My last cut was the end of October, I believe.  To my surprise, my ends were in great shape still.  Must be the "no heat" regimen.  I'm also relieved to see that my hair doesn't really look  thinner, even though I lost a ton of hair from postpartum shedding.  Anyway, here are pics...

Freshly straightened and trimmed hair.

And as you know, I'm always threatening to cut my hair.  Decided to switch it up (with no scissors necessary).  Say hello to my "temporary bob".  All that was needed was a ponytail holder and a few large bobby pins.  Viola!

I'm actually in love with my hair like this at the moment.

P.S.  All of that "baby hair" you see, is actually just my edges growing back in. lol

Happy Monday!

Stop forcing it...

Hey ya'll!  I've got some posts to draft (like my post on juicing), but just thought I'd throw this one up real quick, since it's been a few days since my last post.

Well, one of my resolutions this year is to not straighten my hair anymore.  No more flat iron.  Well no, not forever.  I will allow myself to go straight when I trim, but that's it.  I've decided to stop giving into this feeling of wanting straight hair, only to not really be into it after it's done.  I don't really like my hair straight, yet force it upon myself from time to time, like I'm suppose to like it that way.  I don't know what the psychology is in that--maybe it's just the urge to change things up.  Either way, I'm done with it.  I tend to want to straighten after seeing someone on TV or online or a magazine, etc. with nice looking sleek hair, but once I have that hair?  I'm never really happy and I end up putting it a bun or french braids, etc.  So I will from now on, see that nice sleek hair on other gals and be able to acknowledge to myself that although it looks great on THEM, it's not for ME.

So now I'm back to a regimen of bunning during the week, and braidout/twistout on the weekends.  I've gotten back into yoga recently and it's just best for me to have all this hair out of my way.

Sometimes after looking at pictures of my hair, I wonder why I'd ever want it straight anyway??

Anyway, have a great weekend!!