Taking it back to the old school

I've been wearing wash-n-go's consistently lately.  Basically alternating between that and buns.  Oh, have I mentioned that I've decided to grow my hair back out?  Indeed, I am.  I'm missing those inches I chopped off and have decided to grow it back out to mid-back-length or maybe even waist-length.  I'm really missing the inches because of my new found love of the wash-n-go, and I wouldn't mind it hanging a bit longer.  Shrinkage is real, ya'll! So I've decided that I would start bunning my hair again consistently and just give it a rest for stretches at a time.  My plan is to bun during the week, and then wash-n-go on the weekends.  Of course, if something comes up and I need to "get cute" during the week, I will bust out the wash-n-go then as well.

I've been able to get 3 days out of one wash-n-go by preserving it the same way I preserve my braidouts/twistouts---putting in about 5-6 large twists at night.  This also stretches it, which makes 2nd day hair my FAVORITE.  I could probably get even more days out of a wash-n-go, but I think 3 days is more than enough.  I've also been pulling my hair into an old, tried-and-true puff.  I haven't really worn puffs in YEARS.  It's kind of nice to take it all back to things I did when I first started out in my hair journey.  Hopefully, I can stick to this new and simple regimen.  Wish me luck!