Friday Inspiration: Halle Berry Streetstyle

Everybody in the world knows that  Halle Berry (one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood) kills the red carpet on any day of the week, but I don't think many realize how stylish Ms. Berry is when she is just "out and about" doing her thing.  The lady knows how to "work" a boot.  She has awesome streetstyle.  Always casual, comfy and oh so cool.

Photos courtesy of TFS & Just Jared

Sade Announces 2011 Tour Dates + recent pics

I am sooooo ecstatic, you guys.  One of my all time favorite artists/bands SADE just released tour dates for 2011.  Seeing that her album was released in February, I was starting to believe that there would be no tour.  I don't care what the cost, I will be attending the concert when she makes it here to Atlanta!  Tour dates can be found at the official Sade website:  

Oh, and this past week, Sade was photographed at Alicia Keys' 7th Annual Keep A Child Alive black ball.  She is aging oh so well.  Definitely an inspiration.

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Luv Her Look: Sarah Jessica Parker--Memorial at a Memorial

I do feel some kind of way about making a post about someone's fabulous outfit at a memorial service (specifically, Alexander McQueen's on September 20th in London, England), but I just can't help myself. Look at "our" girl. This looks like a scene straight out of a Sex & the City episode.

I'm just going to assume that she's wearing McQueen from head to toe.

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Girl Crush Alert : Jessica Szohr

I get "girl crushes" for different reasons.  Sometimes it's because the girl may have awesome style.  Sometimes it's because she's pretty.  And, sometimes it's because she's both.  So here I am introducing one of my current girl crushes...Jessica Szohr of Gossip Girl.  I don't watch Gossip Girl, not because I have an issue with it or anything, but because I already have a huge arsenal of shows that I watch but barely have time to keep up with.  Anyway, isn't she gorgeous?  I think she has pretty decent style.  From what I hear she's biracial (Hungarian & African-American).  Turns out to be a nice mix...

Luv Her Look: Shala Monroque

Let me introduce you to (if you didn't already know) to Ms. Shala Monroque, one of NYC's many "it" girls on the social scene.  She has captured the attention of various fashion magazines and sites because of her unique, eclectic but very sophisticated style.  She is currently Editor-At-Large for Pop Magazine.

I think she is pretty cute, and I appreciate her style aesthetic.  It's a tad too girly for my own personal taste (I'm a bit of a tomboy), but I like how she puts things together.

Luv Her Look: Gywneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow  attends an evening of shopping to benefit Baby Buggy at the Balenciaga boutique on Wednesday (July 28th) in East Hampton, NY.  Also in attendance were Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld (pictured).

I absolutely love Gwyn's style.  She's a perfect example of showing how a woman who is 30+, a wife AND mother can still dress young and fresh.  I guess I'll go workout now...

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