New Purchase

So I just ordered myself a pair of snow boots.  The Uggs weren't cutting it. I definitely need something waterproof 'round these parts.  While browsing, I couldn't help but throw these babies into the cart.  I'm in love with the vintage vibe!  They're real leather and at 49 bucks--they're a steal.  

Coming soon to an outfit post near you!  Get them HERE.

Have a great weekend!

Hopped on the bandwagon...

...and got a pair of these:

No, these are not the brand that you may think.  I would never drop that kind of cash on something so trendy.  So instead, I picked up the $40 eBay special.  I really do like them!  They almost make me want the real thing....................nahhhh.  I do like that these shoes give a little "lift"with the built-in wedge heel.  These are like sneakers for grown-ups!

Several versions of these shoes are available:  Here, here and here!  I feel like I will live in these during the fall/winter.  If they fall apart, I'll just go ahead and get one of the more expensive alternatives.  I'll keep you guys posted.

And to be honest, I just threw this outfit together just to take pictures of the shoes--I have nowhere to be today.  Life of a stay-at-home-mom...

Pop of Orange

Yesterday evening, I went out to have a "few" drinks with friends to celebrate recent birthdays (including mine).  We hung out at our usual Sunday spot, Loca Luna, which is always a blast.  It's an indoor/outdoor venue with live music, dj, and fantastic drinks.  So this is what I threw on...

Top: F21
Shorts: Express
Shoes: Random brand from TJ Maxx
Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Of course, the highlight for me was this awesome orange-ish necklace I'd gotten from Charlotte Russe about a month ago. It was only 5 bucks!  It seems to be a knock-off version of some more expensive brands I've seen online.  At 5 bucks, I like mine better.

Happy Monday!

Goodwill Hunting: Vol. 1

Hey gals (and guys, maybe)!  Hope you guys had a great weekend.  I'd happened to go thrifting with one of my girlfriends on Saturday and thought I'd share some of my favorite finds.  Every time I hit up my local Goodwill or Salvation Army, I always walk out with some really good stuff, which leaves me thinking "why don't I come here more often???".  So I've decided to get back to thrifting more often and will share my finds with you all.

First up, I snagged this tea cup & saucers set.  I'm assuming they're vintage.  I love the mint green color and the angel fish imprint.  Come on, who doesn't love angel fish?

Second, I found this awesome, awesome, awesome ethnic print wrap skirt.  It has a nice A-line shape and it reaches all the way to the floor (depending on how low slung I wear it).  Not only is the print awesome--it has pockets!  So chic.  I'm just giving you a sneak peak because I plan to do an outfit post showcasing it soon.

 And last, I was on the search for a pair of baggy Levi jeans that I thought I'd cut into "boyfriend shorts".  I ran across these and I love them so much, that I wouldn't even think of taking any scissors to them.  So I guess I have a new pair of boyfriend JEANS.

The tea cups cost me 5 bucks, the skirt was $6, and the jeans were $7.  I also bought an Indian tunic and another pair of jeans (J.Crew brand).  All in all, my "Goodwill hunting" was a total success.  Can't wait until my next excursion!

Happy hump day!


I'm thinking it's become painfully obvious that I love ethnic prints!  Anyway, I was heading to a daytime birthday celebration at one of my favorite spots for mojitos, music and fun!  This shirt was actually something I threw in my online shopping cart on just to push me over 50 bucks so that I could get free shipping.  It only cost me like 8 bucks!  Needless to say, when I received my goods it was actually my favorite item.  Funny, right?

Jacket - Gap
Tank - F21
Jeggings - F21
Shoes - some random brand from TJ Maxx

Happy Monday!

+Less is More+ Hexagon

Hola mamacitas!

So last week I happened to be at the mall (nice day, needed to get out of the house) and of course, I had to check out one of my guilty pleasures--Forever 21.  I peruse F21 online often, but sometimes I like to go into the store and actually see in person some of the items that may catch my attention online.  At times I'm pleasantly surprised and other times...let's just say I'm so happy I didn't press "check out".  Meanwhile--while browsing the store, I came across this ADORABLE crossbody bag.  I'd noticed it online a couple weeks ago, and though I'd thought it was cute, something didn't move me to buy it.  Well looking at it face-to-face, I fell in love with it!  It is so me.  Now let me say this, I am sometimes a tad leery of all of the faux leathers out there.  Which is one of the reasons I didn't buy it online.  By the way, what is with all of this faux leather that I'm seeing in shoes and accessories, and they're priced at like 60+ bucks.  Like you really have to read the fine print of even some of the popular brands.  Look, I'm not a vegan, and though I don't have anything against faux leather (obviously), I refuse to spend over 30 bucks on it....I digress...

To make a long story short, I had to have the bag.  It looks great in person, doesn't scream faux, and of course, I love the ethnic "look" of it. Plus, it only cost 22 bucks!  I think this will definitely be one of my most carried crossbodies this summer!  Even my camera fits into it nicely!  

If you like the bohemian/ethnic look AND a good bargain--Go get this bag!

Click below to buy! [Hopefully, it is still available online.  I snatched up the last one they had in my local store.]

Favorite Things Vol. 3

So, I have a new obsession.  It all started one fine day while I was perusing Pinterest.  I came upon this picture of the cutest little cookie jar that I thought I had to have:

Picture courtesy of

After clicking on the picture and getting forwarded to the Anthropologie site and seeing that said cookie jar was $88...that "had to have" turned into "would be nice to have".  Nevertheless, it started some crazy owl obsession within me.  I mean, how cute are they?  Turns out, that owls are like the new Hello Kitty or something.  They're EVERYWHERE.  You can find owl stuff on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon--name it.  Keep in mind now, that anything that even remotely resembles an owl now has been marked up in price.  I mean seriously ONE owl coffee mug for 15 bucks.  You've gotta be kidding me.

Items can be found on eBay and/or Etsy

Anyway, I've practiced a little restraint and have added only a few things to my owl collection.  I'm not going to go overboard because as with any "obsession" of won't last very long.  I ended up with this:

top - F21, jeans - Old Navy, tights - Target, shoes - Steve Madden

And this:

Owl necklace: ebay

I also have the cutest little owl iPhone case en route to me.  But seeing as I paid a really cheap price for it because it's coming from China (thx eBay), I'm still waiting on it to get here.  So I reckon that's it on the owl paraphernalia.  Well, of course, after that cookie jar goes on sale. :)

Have an awesome weekend!

Cyber Friday!!

So I decided to have a Cyber Friday sale.  Once again, I'm cleaning out the closet.  I have a few things listed on eBay, and I plan to put more stuff up over the weekend.  I have some clothing to unload, as well as baby stuff! Here's what's listed now...

 Nine West Mary Janes listing HERE.

 BCBGirls copper/bronze pumps listing is HERE.

Snakeskin print Steve Madden heels listing is HERE.

Happy bidding!!

Less is More: Honey, I Shrunk the Pants!

Top - TJ Maxx bought ages ago. Didn't cost me over 12 bucks

Jegging - F21, Only $10.50.  I knew they were going to be too short in length, but for 10 bucks, I bought them (got 3 pair in different colors) to wear with knee-high boots this fall.  To my surprise, the cropped look works with some looks.

Shoes - Thrift store for 5 bucks. These brown wingtips are like my favorite shoe right now.  They are this really great quality leather and the label shows them being from Spain. LOVE.

I haven't really done an outfit post in a while, and I've kind of backed off from doing that anyway as I don't really see my blog as a REAL style/fashion blog in that sense.  My blog is definitely all about me--and bargain hunting is my thing.  So I plan to do more posts on my bargain finds.  Keep an eye out for more of my "Less is More" Posts!

Leather & Suede

New shoes!

I needed a pair of "updated" pumps for my wardrobe for Fall.  By updated, I mean hidden platform and almond-toe.  I have an old pair of BCBG black pumps that have the super pointy toe with the stiletto heel--pretty outdated. I haven't really bought heels in a while or at least not often, thanks to being a momma.  Momma's trying to get her groove back though.  I thought the suede toe gave this wardrobe staple a nice little twist. Can't wait to wear them out!

Real leather & suede $47.


Bargain Bashment

Yesterday, me and the kid happened to go to Target.  We were going to pick up my son's very first pairs of big boy undies.  Yes, potty training has commenced.  Anyway, as always, the first thing I do when I enter Target is check out that little $1/Clearance section that is usually right in front as you walk in.  I love cheap little nicknacks.  Plus, the kid always gets a little dollar toy for himself.  I happened to see they had a bunch of colorful shades for 2 bucks.  I thought they were pretty cute, so I grabbed a white pair for my son.  After getting home and upon inspection, the label on them said "Adult Sunglasses".  In the store, I'd thought they looked rather small and were for kids.  Sooooo, I tried them on and you know what--they looked pretty damn good on me!  Now I wish I'd grabbed a yellow pair too.

Feeling fly in my 2 dollar shades. What?!


Fab Shoe Fab Price

I'd decided to throw something on with a recently purchased pair of of shoes I'd gotten from DSW.  I am all about wedges, by the way.  These are leather wedge peep-toe booties by MIA and were $59.  I'd happened to have a 10 dollar off coupon from DSW, so I nabbed them for $49.  They're fairly "Jeffrey Campbell-ish" and with JC being twice the price of these, usually--couldn't pass them up!

Paired them with "boyfriend jeans" from Old Navy, UO tank, and F21 puff sleeved cardigan.

Thrift Store Find of the Day

Went thrifting today and nabbed these adorable Zara flats for only 5 bucks!  Even with all the the 6 inch platform heels being all the rage these days, there is nothing like a cute little pair of flats paired with skinny jeans for an chic understated look.

I found a pair of H&M black platform pumps, as well (not pictured).  I definitely have to keep the second-hand stores in rotation.  I forget that there are little "gems" to be found there!