Yay for Fridays!

...well, First Fridays, that is.  I figured it's fitting that I publish this post on a Friday since it's about "First Fridays" in Kansas City.  Here in KC, the first Friday of the month is all about the art walk in the Crossroads Art District in downtown KC.  The area is made-up of art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, creative businesses (i.e. architects, marketing firms, etc.)--you name it.  On a first Friday, these businesses, especially the galleries, open their doors showcasing their latest installments.  If you're lucky, you'll score some free wine too! There are also tons of street vendors of handmade items like jewelry, pottery, art, etc.   Oh, and you can't forget the plethora of street performers and live bands who just set up shop in parking lots, alley ways, etc.  It's like everyone is out to showcase their "talent"--whatever it may be.  It's an amazing, quirky atmosphere, or what I like to call "a hipter's wet dream". 


I'm so happy that spring/summer is here, which makes outdoor events like this doable for me here in the Midwest!  I hear KC has tons of outdoor festivals this time of year, as well, and I look forward to showcasing all the happenings here on my blog.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I'll leave you with a little music...

The First Days

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that we are now in the Kansas City area.  If you're not, following me on Instagram, then all I would like to know is why AREN'T you following me on Instagram??!!  Hop to it! *smile*

We got into Kansas City about 5 days ago and are currently staying in the corporate apartment hubs has been residing part-time while being back-and-forth between KC and ATL.  Our house is ready and waiting for us, but we're waiting for the truck with all of our stuff to show up before we begin staying there.

 The day we got in, the kids were pleasantly surprised to see some leftover snow that was still on the ground from a previous light snowfall.  They were so ecstatic!  This was my youngest boy's first time seeing snow ever, and was like the first time for my oldest as he was so young the last time it snowed in Atlanta that he had no recollection.

Even though the snow was fairly sparce, we found a nice patch that we were able to make a dwarf-sized snowman with.  I have to say, as much as I dislike the cold and all that comes with it including snow, it feels awesome to experience these "firsts" with my boys.

So, now we're pretty settled in until we make the next move to the house, and I've just been trying to get familiar with the area.  We don't have any New Year's Eve plans, and will just chillout and bring it in as a family.  I'm sure the boys probably won't be able to stay up until midnight, but I'll let them try!

2013 was awesome, and I have no doubt that 2014 will be even more amazing.  "Embracing change" will be my motto for 2014!

Wishing all of you the very best in the New Year!

What I'm dealing with...

This is what I'm currently dealing with at the moment.  My body is in shock.  Reality is finally hitting me regarding this move, and I can't deny that some of the excitement has waned.  Ah well.

There is some good news in all this----we're under contract!  We did find another house and are now under contract.  So now the "fun" begins.  The next month will be filled with preparing for and getting the actual move done.  I'm going to fly the kids down to the Bahamas and leave them there with hubs' family and come back and get it all done.  We will then reward ourselves by going back to the Bahamas in time for Christmas and New Years, and plan to soak up as much of the sunshine as we can before heading back to Kansas.  My posts will probably slow down considerably while all this is occurring, but I hope to get a few things up and keep you all updated on the latest.  I actually have a quick outfit post that will be up this week, so look out for that!

Have a great week!

A Kansas Halloween

We're currently in Kansas City (actually Johnson County which is on the Kansas side) for a few days house hunting.  We're hoping we find something we love as soon as possible so that when we make the move, we can skip the step of living in a corporate rental while we looking for said place to live.  Because we just happened to be here on this date, I guess you can say this is officially our first Halloween spent in Kansas.  We hung out with some friends and took the kiddos trick or treating!  They had a blast.  And if you couldn't tell, the little Power Rangers belong to me.  They were accompanied by what I was calling, "The Princess and the Frog", but I think he was actually a dragon.  haha  And let's not forget Mr. Banana.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!  This was the first Halloween in like 7 years that I didn't dress-up.  So I intend to make-up for it next year, definitely.  Cross fingers for us that we find our house!

Kansas anyone?

Last week, me and the fam took a quick trip to Kansas City.  It was actually a work-related trip for my hubs (and I guess us too).  In the past, I've made a couple posts talking about a possible move in our future.  Moving to the Bahamas (where hubs is from) was contemplated, and then found out about some opportunities in other cities at hubs' company.  We actually thought we were going to end up in Houston, Texas--but as it turns out, Kansas City came a callin'.  I know, I know....I was a bit apprehensive too when I was asked "How would feel about living in Kansas City?", but after our trip I do feel a lot better about it.  It is actually a really nice town.  Who knew?!  We don't plan to live in KC indefinitely, hopefully the things my husband wants to get accomplished happens in a few years tops.  I know I will be missing the climate and diversity of the south. *tear*

Anyway, here are pics of our trip.

My boys are seasoned travelers. lol

great wolf lodge
We stayed at this hotel/resort-ish place called Great Wolf Lodge.  It was pretty cool and super family-friendly.  As you can see, it is set up to look like, well...a lodge.

great wolf lodge
In the rooms, they have this little "cave" area with bunk beds for the kids.  My boys LOVED them.  We're actually going to upgrade their toddler beds to bunk beds after we move.  My youngest (who still crawls into our bed in the middle of the night) stayed in his little bunk the whole night every.single.night we were there!  So yea, bunk beds are in the works.

great wolf lodge water park

Did I mention, that there is an indoor water park at Great Wolf Lodge?

great wolf lodge water park
The water park was huge!
the plaza kansas city

Also, in Kansas City, there is this huge shopping district called The Plaza.  It is 15 blocks of shopping and more shopping, and eating!!  It was this area that sealed the deal for me.  Not only because of the shopping and eating, but because the area is modeled after Seville, Spain.  The Spanish style architecture is gorgeous, and there are statues and fountains scattered throughout.  This gave me a little bit of a nostalgic feeling of my living in Miami days.

the plaza kansas city
kansas city barbecue bbq
You can't go to Kansas and not eat any Kansas barbeque!

the plaza kansas city

the plaza kansas city

the plaza kansas city

the plaza kansas city

By the way, the fountain water is pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I think they should keep it that way year around!

I look forward to keeping you all posted on the big move.  Happy Tuesday!