Fab Mom: Style Inspiration

I was skimming through past posts of mine and realized that pretty much all of my "style inspiration" posts where I'm highlighting a celebrity or public figure's style, were all women with child(ren).  So I've decided to purposely make a "fab mom" style inspiration post weekly.  Just to show and prove that being a mom does not have to hinder anyone's ability to look great or be an inspiration to other mom's or even childless ladies.  I hope to feature some real life mom's and of course, celebrity style as well.

First up:  Jennifer Lopez.  This dress KILLS.  It's okay to still show some leg ladies (well in her case, a LOT of leg), even after having babies.

If anyone happens to catch a knock-off of this, let a girl know!

J.Lo in Argentina last week.

Thursday Inspiration: Miraslava Duma

I haven't done an "inspiration" post in quite a while.  Right now, I'm obsessing over Miraslava--a Russian fashion editor, socialite, fashionista.  Most bloggers and people who are into fashion and the fashion biz know who Miraslava is and that her style has been copied and coveted for quite some time now.  Well, in the last year or so, she became a mother and since then, her style has changed somewhat.  It's become a little more sophisticated and I am loving it.  She even makes the new "mommy cut" (bob) look good.

Note:  I pulled these pics off of a message board.  Miraslava does have her own blog. I've actually never looked at it.  It may be in Russian.  The link for her blog is:  www.buro247.ru


Ready For Spring-->My Anthropologie Wish List

About 2 weeks ago, to my delight I received an Anthropologie catalog in the mail.  I am a very big fan of Anthropologie's style "aesthetic" as I feel it embodies a big part of my style, i.e. feminine, bohemian, etc.  I don't buy things too often because of their fairly high price point (though they have great sales!)--so I tend to use them as inspiration.  I do however feel they are always on point with accessories (bags and shoes), and definitely feel it's okay to spend on those guilt free.  A good bag or shoe can last a lifetime.

Here are my Spring must-haves from this awesome retailer:


Friday Inspiration: Halle Berry Streetstyle

Everybody in the world knows that  Halle Berry (one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood) kills the red carpet on any day of the week, but I don't think many realize how stylish Ms. Berry is when she is just "out and about" doing her thing.  The lady knows how to "work" a boot.  She has awesome streetstyle.  Always casual, comfy and oh so cool.

Photos courtesy of TFS & Just Jared