A Kansas Halloween

We're currently in Kansas City (actually Johnson County which is on the Kansas side) for a few days house hunting.  We're hoping we find something we love as soon as possible so that when we make the move, we can skip the step of living in a corporate rental while we looking for said place to live.  Because we just happened to be here on this date, I guess you can say this is officially our first Halloween spent in Kansas.  We hung out with some friends and took the kiddos trick or treating!  They had a blast.  And if you couldn't tell, the little Power Rangers belong to me.  They were accompanied by what I was calling, "The Princess and the Frog", but I think he was actually a dragon.  haha  And let's not forget Mr. Banana.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!  This was the first Halloween in like 7 years that I didn't dress-up.  So I intend to make-up for it next year, definitely.  Cross fingers for us that we find our house!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Hope you guys are doing something fun today.  This actual Halloween day, I'm letting it be all about the kiddos.  Hubs and I plan to take my 2.5 yr old trick or treating through our neighborhood this evening.  MY Halloween was Saturday night.  I had a blast as usual and here are a "few" snaps. I saw so many creative/clever costumes!  I'm already contemplating what I will be next year. Oh, and my costume is a Hindu temple dancer. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a Bollywood fanatic?

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