Biloxi Blues...

So, this past Friday, me and the family took a quick trip down to the Gulf Coast city of Biloxi, MS.  The hubs had some work to take care of there, and me the kids tagged along to check out the little town of Bilox/Gulfport as I'd never been there.  While he worked, we played.  Max didn't mind the murky water at all and was all in it.  Cruz, on the other hand, didn't want anything to do with it.  Notice he's right on the edge of the water--that's as close as I could coax him to get, and he is a water lover (pool, clear Bahamian waters, etc.)!  So I know it has to be the color. lol  I won't bore you with a lot of talk, but I will say that brown ocean aside--the place is beautiful, and the people are so friendly!

Happy Monday!

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