If you follow my Instagram (especially the IG stories), you've probably noticed I can be found chillin' in my hammock quite often.  Some of you have asked about it and so finally I am giving you the deets!

A few months ago, I'd gotten the bright idea to buy a hammock for my deck.  I hang out a lot on my deck listening to music, drinking and eating, getting work done on my laptap, etc.  So I thought "How comfy would it be to put a hammock out here?"  I immediately began my search.  First, I checked out Wayfair.  They have quite of few really good looking hammocks.  I fell in love with THIS one, but after seeing it's dimensions and doing some measuring, I quickly realized it was too big for my deck.  I also perused Amazon, and that's where I found the hammock I'd settled on.  It's actually a "travel hammock" meaning, you can put it together and take it apart with a lot of ease, and it also comes with a carrying case.  I figured the travel hammock would be a good buy since we do quick trip road trips to FL fairly often, and it would be so nice to take a hammock out to the beach!

All I can say, you guys--this hammock was such a great buy!!  SOMEONE is always in it.  I bought it for me...to be honest, but I have to kick my kids out of it often just to get a turn.  And I won't mention the dog.  The quality is really good and it seems to be holding up very well.  This hammock is super affordable and if you think you'd enjoy the #HammockLife, you can find it HERE.  Thank me later!