6.10.17 Date Night

Here are just a few recap pics of this past weekend's date night.  It was such a beautiful day last Saturday.  We kicked off the evening by heading to the movies to see Wonder Woman.  I'd been looking forward to that movie ever since a glimpse of her was shown in Batman v. Superman!  I thought it was great!  My only complaint, is I wish they'd have focused on the Amazons a little more.  Can you say "GIRL POWER"?! 

After our movie, we decided to grab a bite.  We decided on this Thai restaurant I've had bookmarked in Yelp for a minute.  It's called Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft.  Funny thing, hubs and I's first date over 10 years ago was at a former restaurant space that Tuk Tuk now occupies.  Way back then, it was a steakhouse called Taurus.  I don't think another restaurant has occupied the space since then, so it was so nice to go back and share a little nostalgia.  Anyway, Tuk Tuk calls itself a "food loft" because when you first walk through the doors, you're faced with a real life tuk tuk that you can sit and take pictures in.  Oh, and a tuk tuk is a little open air vehicle driven in Thailand.  I have a picture of me sitting in it in the gallery below.  Right in front of the tuk tuk is a set of elevators--that's it!  The restaurant is on the second floor (hence "loft").  The inside is pretty large and totally open concept.  They also have an outside terrace/balcony with table seating there as well.  And the view was gorgeous!  The food was great and the ambiance was perfect.  The hubs and I have definitely added Tuk Tuk Thai Food Loft to our list of "go to" restaurants when we're looking to grab a bite.  Enjoy the pics below!