White Tribal Dress

"Rasta Barbie", "Mocha-hontas"--all of the cliché names, I've been referring to myself as since I've put these Marley twists in my hair.  I love them!!  And it only took me 2-3 hours to put them in.  Yea, they are a bit sloppy, in my opinion, but this was my first time, so I'm not to concerned.  I'm just happy to be taking a breather from doing my hair. 

In this post, I'm wearing this white tribal print dress, I currently have stocked in my store.  I wore it on Saturday for a "date day" with the hubs.  We went to one of Atlanta's local breweries, Orpheus Brewing--went on the brewery tour and sampled some beer.  It's also Atlanta Downtown Restaurant Week, so we tried out a new downtown area restaurant, as well.  I will be doing a separate post on that restaurant later in the week.

This dress is one of my favorite dresses in the store.  It's super light and air-y (which is great for this record-breaking heat), without being see-through.  Of course, the strappy back is the cherry on top.  I have limited quantities, so get it while you can!



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